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Houses made of sand and straw in Togoville

When to go to Togo

The country of Togo, as with most of the other countries in the continent of Africa, has a tropical climate with high humidity. However, compared to most other areas along the Gulf of Guinea, it receives less rainfall annually.

In southern Togo, there are two rainy seasons – on the months of March to early July, and on the months of September to October. However, the heaviest rainfall in the country occurs on the hills in western, southwestern, and central Togo, reaching levels of 150 cm (60 in) per year. In northern Togo, there is only one rainy season – on the months of April to August. In this area, the average rainfall is 100 cm (40 in) annually.

If you’re planning on doing a lot of outdoor activities, it will be best to try to avoid the rainy seasons and to pack appropriate clothing.
The maximum and minimum temperatures in the country are 30°C (86°F ) and 23°C (73°F ) in southern Togo, and 35°C (95°F ) and 15°C (59°F ) in northern Togo.

If you wish to catch unique displays of culture, visit Togo in the second half of the calendar year, because most of the Togolese festivals are celebrated during this period – starting in July with the Evala, the festival of initiation in the land of Kabye.