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White sand beach in Togo

What to do in Togo

Go hiking on Mount Agou

The majestic Mount Agou
The majestic Mount Agou

Mount Agou is the highest mountain in Togo and one of the best hiking destinations that you can find here. The mountain is very well kept, its natural beauty very much protected from industrialization and pollution.

Tourists who wish to go hiking on Mount Agou will have to arrange a trip with a local tour guide. There are tour guides for hire in several stations around the nearby city of Kpalimй, which serves as the home base for hikers. And if you have already planned to hike, you may call in advance to reserve a schedule.

When going hiking, make sure that you bring all the proper clothes and equipment to make the outing both comfortable and safe. While you can choose the trail to take, it is recommended that you pick one that suits your hiking experience and physical fitness.


Enjoy the water sports in Lake Togo

A surfer in Lake Togo
A surfer in Lake Togo

Lake Togo is an extensive section of a beautiful lagoon in Togo. It is detached from the head of the lagoon by a narrow coastal strip, forming a body of water that is now teeming with water sport activities.

Tourists who wish to indulge themselves in water sports can do so in Lake Togo. Activities offered include surfing, canoe sailing, and water skiing. However, for those just wishing to take a dip and relax, they can spend their time in any of the secluded areas on the beach.

Aside from engaging in the different water sports, you can choose a more cultural experience and go on a fishing trip in the area. You may ask permission to accompany the fishermen as they cast their nets to make a living for the day.

Lake Togo is a beautiful sight, and the activities that you can do here just add to the reasons you should visit the lake.


Relax on the beaches near Lomé

White sand beach in Togo
White sand beach in Togo

Beaches are always one of the major attractions that tourists flock to when visiting a country. In Togo, the beaches will not disappoint. In fact, tourists will not have to go far from the capital city of Lomé.

The beach towns of Baguida and Avepozo may be small, but they are very beautiful and tourist friendly. Just outside Lomé, the beaches here are clean and safe. Tourists can lie around in the sand and swim in the water the whole day without worrying about the location, since their hotel is only a short drive away.

The beaches of Baguida and Avepozo are well maintained and virtually untouched. Lining the beaches are healthy and strong coconut trees, and fishing boats of different colors are docked on the shores. The scenery, combined with the soothing waves and white sand, provides a fabulous backdrop for rest and relaxation. You may never want to leave once you’ve seen how beautiful the beaches are!


Explore the voodoo markets

Voodoo fetishes on display in the market
Voodoo fetishes on display in the market

Togo is a mystic country that has its fair share of secrets and mysteries. As a tourist, you can catch a glimpse of the mysticism by visiting the voodoo markets.

The traditional voodoo market is built around a small lot. Inside the market are tables that display practically every animal body part imaginable, including hyena heads, monkey testicles, and shark teeth. The people of Togo believe that each item has its own unique properties that can be used for several purposes.

When tourists visit the voodoo market, they are often invited by a voodoo holy man to participate in a small ceremony where they will feed and hold living monkeys that have been chained. The experience is strange but definitely unique, and one that can’t be missed.

While it may be tempting, try not to take back a fetish to your country, as customs officers may not allow you to do so.


Shop at the Le Grand Marché

The busy commercial district of Le Grand Marche
The busy commercial district of Le Grand Marche

Le Grand Marchй is the central market of Lome and the capital city’s commercial hub. If you’re up for some shopping, you will definitely enjoy your time here.

Anything and everything is sold in Le Grand Marchй, from motorcycle parts to shoes to vegetables. You can try searching for fabulous bargains here, either for yourself or for your family and friends at home as souvenirs.

Similar to other West African countries, women dominate the market life, selling their wares by shouting at the top of their lungs while joking and laughing with one another. Some may even have their children with them, adding to the ruckus in the market.

Enriching the sounds of Le Grand Marchй is the Togolese music that is played from stereos located in nearly every stall.
What Le Grand Marchй shows is the spirit of the Togolese – alive and intense as they make a living.