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An aerial view of Atakpame

Interesting facts about Togo

  1. In Togo, it is considered condescending and ill-mannered to cross your legs when you sit and to talk to someone with your hands in your pockets.
  2. The Togolese have perfected the skill of carrying anything on their heads – be it bananas, a ceiling fan, a basket of 300 eggs, or five gallons of water.
  3. The Togolese go wild during the World Cup; soccer is the country’s favorite sport.
  4. Used Nike shoes can be bought in Togo for roughly $4 a pair.
  5. When in Togo, always use your right hand when giving and receiving money and other items.
  6. Worship of trees, snakes, rainbows, fire, and other natural elements is common in Togo.
  7. Worn-out tires are recycled in Togo to make toys, sandals, and fuel for smoking meat.
  8. About 40% of Togo’s revenue comes from cotton, cocoa, and coffee.
  9. Togo is one of the world’s largest phosphate producers.
  10. The first Olympic medal for Togo was won by Togolese-French Benjamin Kudjow Thomas Boukpeti for the K1 slalom kayak event in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.