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Chicken being grilled for koklo meme

Food in Togo


Freshly cooked fufu
Freshly cooked fufu

Fufu is a traditional food in Togo that is considered a countrywide favorite. Its main ingredient is yam.

To make fufu, the yam is first boiled and then mashed. Afterward, it is made into a dough, which is then cooked to form fufu.

Fufu can be eaten on its own. However, most of the time, the Togolese prepare various dips and sauces to add flavor to the snack.

Fufu is regularly sold in both street stalls and restaurants. It can be eaten as a heavy snack or as a side dish to bigger, heartier meals.



Pвtй being prepared
Pâté being prepared

Pâtéis a Togolese dish that is made from maize. The maize is ground into flour and then combined with water to make a dough.

Pâtés may be accompanied by different kinds of sauces that are usually made from vegetables such as okra, spinach, and ademe. Thick stews that use locally grown produce may also be served alongside the dish.

However, Pâtécan also be served with nonvegetable sauces and dips. Meat sauces and dips most often use poultry and smoked fish as the base ingredients. In some more exotic locales, even rats are used.


Riz sauce arachide

A healthy serving of riz sauce arachide
A healthy serving of riz sauce arachide

Riz sauce arachide tastes as rich as it looks, even if it’s just a particularly simple dish. The people of Togo eat riz sauce arachide as a complete meal, and tourists should enjoy a serving before their trip back home.

The two major ingredients of this dish are peanuts and rice. The peanuts are first ground and then made into a healthy and delicious sauce, and then poured over cooked rice.

The ingredients are fresh and tasty, which give the dish a unique flavor. In addition, the ingredients are fat free, yielding a flavorful yet very healthy delicacy.


Koklo meme

Chicken being grilled for koklo meme
Chicken being grilled for koklo meme

Koklo meme sounds like an exotic dish, but it’s actually a very familiar one. Still, the Togolese ingredients and way of cooking give it a unique and distinctive flavor.

Koklo meme is just grilled chicken with a spicy chili sauce. As with any other grilled food, the chicken is served juicy and hot, with the trademark smoky flavor. A sauce made from fresh chili is served with the chicken, either drizzled onto the chicken or served separately as a dip.



Sodabe being served in half coconut shells
Sodabe being served in half coconut shells

Sodabe is what the people of Togo fondly call their version of palm wine.

Palm wine is an alcoholic drink that is prepared from the sap of palm trees, such as coconut palms, which are found all over Togo. Sodabe is often served in bowls carved from the shells of coconuts.

Sodabe has high alcohol content, so tourists should be cautious when drinking this beverage.

During celebrations and festivals, sodabe is often served everywhere. The taste is strong but unique. This local drink is something that you should try when you visit Togo.