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When to Visit Seychelles

The climate in Seychelles is idyllic, as it is often warm without suffering from any extremities. This climate is considered tropical, which is why many beach lovers from many parts of the world frequent the country’s top tourist spots all year round.

The cyclone belt encompasses only some of the remotest southern islands.

Seychelles gets average winds of 8 to 12 knots in between the months of October to March, which leaves the sea relatively calm.

Rejuvenating rains fall on the islands from January to February, making the water more vibrant and all the places pleasant-looking with various hues and colors. The months of May to September, on the other hand, are drier and cooler and see livelier seas.

The country’s coolest temperatures can be experienced during the months of July and August. The temperature can be as low as 24 °C or 75 °F. The hottest months are March and April, with temperatures not going beyond 31 °C or 88 °F.

You may want to consider the kind of activities that you’d like to do when you visit Seychelles so that it will be easier to book the best flights. Sailing and snorkeling can be done all year round, while bird watching is interesting during the breeding season in April, nesting of the Sooty Terns from May to September, and the migration season in October.

Hiking and windsurfing can be enjoyed the most during the months of May to September, fishing during the months of October to April, and diving from March to May and September to November.