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What to do in Seychelles

Bird watching


Most islands in the country provide great spots for bird watching. You no longer need to book special tours in order to see rare and endemic species of birds because there are great chances of spotting such creatures as you check out popular reserves like the Veuve Reserve in the island of La Digue and Vallee de Mai in Praslin.

If you are very keen about the activity, there are special trips that you can book to make it easier for you to visit the right places at the right time.



The country is scenic, beautiful, and, above all, romantic. So there are many places in Seychelles that provide ideal backdrop for weddings.

Generally, though, the Seychelles Civil Authorities only allow Anglican and Catholic weddings.

If you’re having a religious wedding, you will be required to submit your documents at least three months before the event. It is also required to have a civil wedding before the religious rites.

For civil weddings, the process is easier and less taxing.

The best thing about the country is that you won’t have any problems looking for a honeymoon site after tying the knot. What’s more, your guests can enjoy themselves doing various activities in the venue or do some island hopping to maximize their stay in the land.

This means that everybody can have great fun and memorable time during your stay.

There are wedding packages that are being offered by many companies in the country, but you can also opt to bring your own wedding planner.



What’s a vacation without having some shopping splurge? Here in Seychelles, it’s impossible not to indulge in some shopping spree.

Trinkets and accessories abound in the country, but you may also want to check out the works of local artists. There are actually some who use their studios as retail outlets for their art. So this is your chance to bring an image or images of this vacation back home to remind you of the wonderful time you‘ve had here.

Due to the country’s relative isolation, imported goods are priced higher. But the local goods are way cheaper.

Seychelles Rupee is the country’s currency. However, there are many resorts that do not accept the local currency and prefer visitors to pay in foreign currencies.

If you need to exchange money, the best way to do it is at the international airport in Mahe Island. All the ATM machines in the country can only be found in the islands of Mahe and Praslin.



The country is included in the list of the world’s best diving sites, because aside from having crystal clear waters, Seychelles has abundant and sometimes intriguing marine life.

For some proof, you can check out the underwater special Monde du Silence, which was filmed by Jacques Cousteau, a popular French diver and scientist.

There are great spots in Seychelles that will provide challenge and joy to beginners and expert divers. On the Inner Islands, the most favored diving sites can be found in Praslin, Mahe, and La Digue. Smaller islands, such as Marianne and Aride, also offer spectacular diving adventures.

Since they are coralline islands, the Outer Islands provide more challenge. Here, you can explore underwater canyons and steeper walls and see more varieties of marine species, including manta rays and gorgonian fans.

Two of the most popular kinds of diving in Seychelles are wreck and drift diving. Wreck diving will allow you to explore submerged ships such as the Ennerdale Wreck in the Inner Islands. Drift diving is favored in the Outer Islands, where you will follow the current as you venture into sea walls and canyon formations.

There are training expeditions that you may want to be part of. These are being offered by dive shops in many islands in the country. Classes usually begin by teaching you to become familiarized with diving as you are guided in calm and then in to more difficult waters.



All levels of fishing enthusiasts will definitely find delight in Seychelles, with its abundant waters and marine species. This is because most of its islands are situated outside the cyclone belt; therefore, fishing can be enjoyed all year round.

The activity can be freely done in most parts of the country. There are some areas, though, where fishing is not possible because of certain limitations that aim to preserve the unique or endangered environment.

In the Inner Islands, for instance, you are not allowed to go fishing within the boundaries of Port Launay/Baie Ternay, Curieuse, Ile Cocos, and Ste. Anne Marine National Parks. On the Outer Islands, fishing is not allowed within 20 nautical miles of Alphonse Island and around the island of Aldabra.