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octopus salad

Seychellois Cuisine

Deep fried Parrotfish

Fried fish and French fries
Fried fish served with French fries and mixed vegetables

Parrotfish may be colorful and picturesque when alive, but this makes a sumptuous treat when cooked. This can be served as fish steak, but many restaurants in the country offer deep fried parrotfish.

The fish is fried in batter, and once cooked, it is typically served with spicy tomato Creole sauce. Other seasonings can also be added, depending on your preference.


grilled mackerel

Mackerel is one of the smaller fishes and can be eaten in a variety of ways. You will typically find mackerel cooked as curry, grilled, or combined with fish soup.

If you will do your own cooking, you must begin by choosing fresh fish. Check the mackerel’s smell—it must smell like clean water. The eyes of the fish must be clear and its skin shiny and clean.

Any mackerel leftovers can be made into delicious fishcakes. You just have to mix the leftovers with seasoning, mashed potato, and lemon juice. Form the mixture into a patty and fry afterward.

Octopus salad

octopus salad

Octopus is among the country’s chief delicacies. The meat is cooked very carefully until it gets opaque but tender.

Cooking can take up to one hour or more, depending on the quality of your octopus. Once tender, chop the octopus and add the pieces to your favorite cold seafood cocktail or salad. You can also opt to toss the pieces into a hot creamy coconut curry.

Heart of palm tree

Salad of heart of palm (palmito), cherry tomatos, olives, pepper

The heart of palm tree tastes a bit sweet, crunchy, and cool. And you can get a good dose of it if you eat Millionaire’s Salad.

The name, though, does not mean the salad is that expensive. It is only that getting the heart of a palm tree is quite taxing because the whole palm tree needs to be cut down.

The salad is typically served as starter in many restaurants in Seychelles. Aside from heart of palm tree, the salad also includes artichoke hearts, pimientos, mushrooms, olives, parsley, thyme, garlic, and pepper.

You can also prepare this on your own if you happen to have all the ingredients. First, you need to drain the hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, pimientos, and olives. Then add the mushrooms and all the other ingredients. Leave the salad in the refrigerator overnight.

Fruit bat

fruit bat dish

You must not be surprised to see fruit bat on the menu of most restaurants in Seychelles. But before it gets to be served as a dish, fruit bat is caught at night by throwing a large net over the tree where it stays.

Fruit bat is typically curried or fried. This delicacy needs an acquired taste to be able to appreciate it. The taste is similar to the meat of a rabbit, but some tourists say it tastes like beef.

It is quite tricky to eat fruit bat because it has numerous small bones.