• Malinese Cuisene

    Malinese Cuisene

    Nsaamè Nsaamè is a hearty and delicious rice dish topped with meat and vegetables. To make it, you need rice, water, beef, salt, garlic, pepper, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes, and oil. After heating the […]

  • What to do in Mali

    What to do in Mali

    Attend festivals and concerts Mali is a truly mystical and imaginative place. Here are some of the festivals you might want to take part in: The Festival Au Desert. Usually held during mid-January at the […]

  • Where to go to Mali

    Where to go to Mali

    Hombori With its distinctively magnificent rock formations, Hombori is one of Mali’s best-kept secrets. It is located on the slopes of Hombori Tondo Mesa, between the cities of Gao and MaliMopti, and is quite accessible […]


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