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Ten Interesting Facts about Morocco

1. Friday is considered a holy day in Islam. On this day, Muslim workers spend half an hour of their lunch break at the mosque before going back to work.

2. Establishing eye contact with and smiling at a person of opposite sex is seen as a hint of romantic interest.

3. If somebody refuses to take no for an answer, you can instead say “Insha’Allah (if God wills it).” That usually settles the question.

4. Kissing on the cheeks is a usual manner of greeting among Moroccans. The closer your relationship with a person is, the more kisses you exchange.

5. As Islam is very strict regarding marriage and faithfulness, married people are prohibited from having friends of the opposite sex.

6. Of course, you may work with people of the opposite sex, but if you meet them outside the office, you have to pretend they are strangers.

7. In other words, there is none of the kind of dating that we know about in the West. Courtship and marriages are arranged by families.

8. In traditional Moroccan culture, the liver – not the heart – is the symbol for true love.

9. You may be invited into homes out of politeness. You will know the invitation is genuine if it is offered thrice.

10. The world’s oldest continuously functioning university is the University of Al-Karouine in Fez. It was established in 859 AD.