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Couple running on the beach

What to do in Mauritius

Try deep sea fishing

Try deep sea fishing The rich waters of Mauritius make it a very attractive fishing spot.

Mauritius holds several world fishing records, including catches of a mako shark at 1,115 pounds, a bonito at 41.5 pounds, a blue shark at 400 pounds, a “bécune” at 125 pounds, and a white tuna at 224 pounds.

The best time to fish in Mauritius is between November and April, when the climate and water temperatures ensure that the fish are at their most active. You can rent fishing boats from hotels and resorts, and you can take them directly into the Mauritian waters.
There are a number of deep-sea fishing competitions in Mauritius. The most famous of these would be the Marlin World Cup, which is held in December. The main fishing centers in Mauritius are at the Rivière Noire, the Le Morne, the Flic en Flac, the Trou aux Biches and the Grand Bay.


Go on a honeymoon

Couple running on the beach Mauritius is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. The island is often chosen by couples as their getaway destination because of its serene ambiance, beautiful views, and the chance to have your loved one all to yourself.

All hotels and resorts offer some sort of honeymoon package and even wedding packages.

Honeymoons in Mauritius are never dull, as there are long stretches of private beaches to give you relaxing days and various water activities for seekers of high adventure.

At night, clubs for partying and restaurants for romantic dining are open for couples wishing to just spend some valuable time together.

If you are looking for a romantic and enjoyable honeymoon, look no further than Mauritius. In fact, you may even opt to have your wedding held there. With the backdrop of gorgeous waves and a pristine beach, your wedding will surely be a memorable one.

You would have to make prior arrangements with the Port Louis Diocese beforehand if you’re a Catholic, but that’s a small thing to do for such a picturesque wedding.


Relax at a spa

Young woman getting massage in bamboo spa.

The sound of the waves from the endless beaches of Mauritius are relaxing enough, but to take it one step further, Mauritius is also known for excellent world-class spa services that will push your senses into stress-free euphoria.

The spas in Mauritius are very competitive, both with each other and with top spas abroad. Top brands sponsor the spas, so the quality is topnotch.

Because the competition is high, spas have developed extensive ranges of spa treatments, along with state-of-the-art facilities and the best rates available.

The mix of cultures in the island has also inspired unique spa treatments that combine elements of treatment from different regions. For example, visitors can have an Asian-style massage using treatments from age-old African remedies, all the while being served with relaxing Creole food.

Hotels and resorts each have their own spas, but non-guests are also welcome to enjoy the spa services that are offered. It’s a must that tourists in Mauritius take time to indulge themselves in the spa.


Explore the underwater world

Explore the underwater world

Diving and snorkeling are popular in Mauritius because of the fabulous underwater sights of fish and reefs that the island has to offer. The 330km coastline of Mauritius is encircled by a coral barrier reef, which protects the island’s lagoons.

A great thing about Mauritius diving is that the diving spots are very close to shore. Getting to these spots only takes a few minutes by boat, and even the most challenging diving spots outside the reef are only 20 minutes away.

Dive centers in Mauritius place a lot of importance on preserving the Indian Ocean. Divers and snorkelers are educated before they are allowed to go into the water.

Dive sites are plentiful, so it’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself in a crowd.

You’ll notice, too, that there are no anchored boats here, as the country is trying to avoid damaging the reefs. Mooring buoys are used instead.

The beautiful reefs, with colorful fish darting in and out of them, are spectacles in Mauritius that are not to be missed by diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.


Go shopping

picturesque city of Port Louis in Mauritius Republic Mauritius is not just a honeymoon and beach paradise – it is a shopping paradise as well. Not only are the variety of shops endless but the quality is also something to look forward to.

What items can tourists find a good deal for in Mauritius? Plenty.

There are textiles, leading brands of clothes, basket crafts, embroidered works, pottery, semi-valuable stones and recycled glass, fruit jellies, chili, spices, and models of old ships, to name just a few.

The prices in Mauritius are very reasonable, especially considering that some of the items they sell can’t be bought anywhere else.