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When to visit Ethiopia

Picking a particular time of the year to visit Ethiopia does not spell a problem as the country is characterized by generally friendly weather throughout the year. The prevailing tropical monsoon provides a pleasant climate with an average annual temperature of 16–25 °C (61–77 °F).

The dry season, which occurs from October to May, witnesses the clearest and sunniest atmosphere. During this period, Ethiopia experiences a comfortable weather suited to savor the country’s panoramic views and outdoor activities. Ethiopian cities lie on almost the same elevation, between 2,000 and 2,500 meters above sea level, which ensures a generally uniform climate throughout the entire country.

In the eastern region, however, the weather can be drier and more humid because of its lower lying position. By the months of September to early October, the rainy season leaves Ethiopia with forests and flora in full bloom which is perfect for sightseeing and exploration.

The months of June to October comprise the rainy season with an average annual rainfall of approximately 1200mm. Despite the rain, Ethiopia still experiences a few hours span of sunshine. However, the rainy season may not be the perfect choice as a visiting time because of the lack of national and local activities.