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Sun bathing in Gran Canaria

What to do in the Canary Islands

Enjoy the water sports

Kite surfing
Kite surfing

Sailing, windsurfing, underwater diving, surfing, angling, water-skiing, parasailing, jet boating, snorkeling and kayaking – you name it, the Canary Islands have it. Experience all the water adventures offered in the islands. The dynamic waves beckon to all water sports lovers and other adventurous tourists.

And of all the water sports that you can try at the Canary Islands, kite surfing is the most recommended.

The wind of the Fuerteventura beaches creates an ideal place for kite surfers at all levels of skill. Even expert kite surfers will find enough wind and waves here to suit their need for thrill. There are also a great number of kite surfing schools from the north to the south of the island, to give tutorials in kite surfing for the novices and also for intermediate kite surfers who simply want to upgrade their skills.

Kayaking is another popular water adventures at Canary Islands. It is offered in all the islands, but the top sites are in Los Gigantes and Lanzarote.

This water activity gives people the opportunity to enjoy the seashore scenery and experience the pleasant and welcoming climate of the islands and its warm sunny beaches.

In Lanzarote, there are groups that offer kayak tours to caves and tapered sea passages, including a kilometer kayak tour to some virgin black beaches in the islands of Canary.


Go sunbathing at the beach

Sun bathing in Gran Canaria
Sun bathing in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria beaches are the favorite destination for sunbathers in the Canary Islands. There are many different beaches in the island where you can fully enjoy the perfect heat of the sun.

You can set up your beach umbrellas at the shore, and you can rent sunbathing chairs.

Some of the top Gran Canaria beaches are the Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, San Agustin, Amadores, Puerto de Mogan, and and Puerto Rico, where it is said the best weather in the whole of Spain can be found.

The sand in these beaches is very fine and golden. When you tire of sunbathing, you can take a walk, go for a swim, surf, or play frisbee or beach volleyball.


Go hiking

Go hiking
Hiker looks down at the valley

The excellent weather and pristine locations in the Canary Islands makes it a great place for hiking. If you are one of those who have decided to savor the beauty of the islands on foot, then Mount Teide should be on the top of your list.

For this hike, you should be prepared for a long walk on steep mountain slopes and high altitude. It’s tough; it’s exciting. All throughout, you will be surrounded by a sunbathed panorama of pristine nature. And at the end, near the summit of the volcano, you are rewarded with a stunning bird’s-eye view of Tenerife.

Incidentally, if you wish to take in the view from the summit without taking the long hike, you can take a cable ride that brings you 200 meters away from the summit and hike only the short remaining distance to the top.

For those who prefer to make their “hike” in lower altitudes and less rough environments, you could opt to take a walking tour of Rambla del General Franco, one of the most historical streets in the Canary Islands. This venue can be found in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


Visit the commercial establishments

restaurant in Tenerife
Open-air restaurant in Tenerife

The soul of a place is not found only in its rough-and-tough places. The voice of the Canary Islands can also be heard in its restaurants, cafés, shops, pubs, bars, and discos.

If you’re looking for upscale shopping, check out Las Palmas’ Calle Triana. For the best and widest choices in restaurants and cafés, go to Plaza Charco in Puerto de la Cruz, which showcases an excellent variety of local and international cuisines.

If you’re looking for nightlife, there’s no better place to go than Veronica’s Strip in the Playa de las Americas. In this strip, you will find quiet pubs, lively discos, and all sorts of bars. There is no personal taste in entertainment that cannot find something to satisfy it in this strip.


Fishing and boat trips

fishing boats
Small fishing boats at Lanzarote

Since almost all the islands in the Canarian archipelago used to be fishing spots, fishing and boating are some of the main adventures that you can enjoy when you visit the islands.

Puerto Colon in Playa de Las Americas and the Los Cristianos Port offer a variety of boat trips for fishing, deep sea fishing, or water sports.

A bonus to these trips is that they also give the tourists an opportunity to see the whales and dolphins swimming around the Canarian seas.