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Baked potatoes

Food in the Canary Islands

Papas arrugadas

Wrinkled potatoes
“Wrinkled potatoes” with spicy red sauce

Papas arrugadas, or wrinkled potatoes, is one of the most common dishes in the Canarian archipelago. Potatoes are the most widely available vegetable in the Canary Islands, so the natives of the islands have made different dishes out of it.

Papas arrugadas is cooked by boiling small unpeeled potatoes in salty water until the potatoes become tender and shriveled. As the water evaporates, it leaves salt residues on the skin of the potato.



variety of tapas
A variety of tapas

Tapas are food eaten as appetizers or snacks.

Some of popular tapas in the Canary Islands are salpicon de mariscos, a salad made of prawns, crabs, and other seafood, mixed with vinegar, bell pepper, onions, olives, and other vegetables; carne de cochino, small pork slices with a tasty sauce; and ropa vieja, a delicious mixture of chickpeas, potatoes, and shredded meat.


Mojo sauce

Baked potatoes
Baked potatoes with red mojo sauce

As we’ve said before, potatoes are a popular vegetable in the Canary Islands. One of the popular ways to serve it is with mojo sauce.

Mojo sauce, or “salsa mojo,” comes in three main varieties: red, green, and orange. The one most often served with potatoes is the red mojo sauce, or mojo picon.

Mojo sauce is made basically from olive oil, garlic, and other herbs. For mojo picon, you add dried red peppers, cumin, and red pepper flakes.

Green mojo sauce or mojo verde is a perfect combination to fish recipes. It is made with green pepper, parsley leaves, and other herbs.

Orange mojo, or mojo de zanahoria, is made with paprika and pureed carrots.




Boquerones is a dish made of small white fish marinated in vinegar, oil, parsley, and garlic. It is an excellent appetizer. It can be eaten by itself, with beer or soda. It also tastes great when eaten with crackers or fresh Spanish bread.

Boquerones is regarded as a very healthy dish. It is full of proteins and minerals that are believed to be good for the heart and for maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol in the body.




Albondigas are small homemade meatballs. This Canarian dish is usually served with a spicy sauce and paired with fresh bread, which is dipped in the sauce.

The dish is made with minced meat hand-molded into small balls and mixed with tomato sauce. Sometimes, albondigas makers add chili powder to the recipe to give a special kick to the popular Canarian dish.

Sometimes, the sauce is mixed with milk and white wine.