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African landscape, Chobe river, Botswana

Ten interesting facts about Botswana

1. The Jwaneng Diamond Mine, located in southern Botswana, is the world’s richest diamond mine.

2. Botswanahas set aside 17% of their land as nature reserves – much more than the recommended 10%.

3. Most Botswanadiamonds are mined by the Desbwana company – 50% owned by DeBeers and 50% owned by the government of Botswana.

4. The word “lekgoa,” which the Batswana often use to refer to foreigners, was originally translatable to “spat out by the sea.”

5. Batswana is the plural term for people who live in Botswana. The singular term is Motswana.

6. Pula, the currency of Botswana, is also the Setswana word for rain.

7. Botswana president Ian Khama was the son of Botswana’s first-ever president, Sir Seretse Khama.

8. President Ian Khama lived in England when he was a child. (His parents had been exiled there.)

9. Ian Khama’s mother was an Englishwoman. Her name was Ruth Williams.

10. Botswana is Africa’s longest surviving democracy.