• Interesting facts about Djibouti

    Interesting facts about Djibouti

    1. At 23,200 square kilometers (8,958 square miles), Djibouti is the third smallest country in continental Africa, after Swaziland (second smallest) and Gambia (smallest). 2. Lac Assal is the saltiest lake outside of Antarctica. It […]

  • Food in Djibouti

    Food in Djibouti

    Injera Injera is what Djibouti calls its traditional flatbread. It is also found in Ethiopia, Yemen, and Somalia, where it is called lahooh or lahoh. This slightly spongy flatbread is traditionally made of teff flour […]

  • What to do in Djibouti

    What to do in Djibouti

    Swim with the whale sharks Reaching lengths of nearly 13 meters, or 42.6 feet (the largest confirmed report pegged this fish at 12.65 meters, or 41.5 feet, but unconfirmed reports state larger numbers), the whale […]


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