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  • Iranian Cuisine

    Iranian Cuisine

    Baklava Baklava, an original Turkish dessert, is made from thin alternating layers of filo sheets, finely chopped nuts, and honey or syrup. The origin of this mouth-watering pastry is still yet to be definitely determined, […]

  • What to do in Iran

    What to do in Iran

    Shopping When you visit Iran, the one thing you just must definitely not go home without is an authentic Persian carpet. Shopping for a Persian carpet can prove to be quite a task, though, as […]

  • Where to go in Iran

    Where to go in Iran

    The ancient Abyaneh Village A surviving reminder of the ancient Iranian culture and civilization, the Abyaneh village serves as a haven where ancient traditions, architectures, and ways of life are well preserved. Abyaneh is a […]


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