• Ten Interesting Facts About Fiji

    Ten Interesting Facts About Fiji

    1. Fijians are very friendly and hospitable people. There was a time in the past, though, when Fijians practiced cannibalism as part of a war tradition. 2. A missionary named Thomas Baker became an unfortunate […]

  • Fijian Cuisine

    Fijian Cuisine

    Lovo The lovo is a Fijian delicacy popularly prepared on special events such as weddings and festivals. This is cooked using a makeshift oven made from a hole dug on the ground and lined with […]

  • What to do in Fiji

    What to do in Fiji

    Enjoy water sports Which kind of water sports are you into? Scuba diving? Surfing? Paddle boarding? You name it, Fiji has it. You simply need to know where to go. And if you don’t have […]


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