If there is anything Switzerland has more of than its banks, it is its mountains. No matter where you go in the country, you’re sure to find steeply elevated land nearby. In fact, more than half of Switzerland’s surface area is mountain region.

And that is a fortunate thing, considering how beautiful the mountains are in this part of the world. Just a quick glimpse at the 4,000 meter tall Alps and the shimmering, placid lakes around it is enough to convince anybody of the immense natural beauty of Switzerland.

But there are treasures to find beyond the mountains as well. The cities that lie at the foot of these grand mountains are true melting pots of culture and tradition. It can be said that Switzerland is a unique combination of Italy, France, and Germany, with pieces of each of these countries alive and important in the daily life of the Swiss.

Germans, French, and Italians make up most of the Swiss population, at 65%, 18%, and 10% respectively.

There are two predominant religions in Switzerland: Roman Catholicism, practiced by 41.8% of the population, and Protestantism, practiced by 35.3%.

Further reflecting the diversity of the culture of Switzerland are the four official and national languages in the country: German, used by 63.7% of the population; French, used by 20.4%; Italian, used by 6.5%; and Romansch, used by 0.5%.

If you would be bringing electronic gadgets with you to your Switzerland vacation, make sure to bring the proper adapters. Electricity in Switzerland is at 230V, at 50Hz, and the plug type used is the one with two round pins.