Although it is the largest of the three Nordic countries, Sweden is surprisingly quiet and really peaceful.

Sweden has not participated in any type of war – not even the two world wars – since 1814. This country has a high regard for peace.

People usually say that their first impression of Sweden is that the people may be really reserved at first, but once you get to know them they can also be some of the warmest and welcoming people you will ever know.

The country is divided into three regions: The Norrland, which covers more than half of the country, is located in the northernmost part of Sweden. This region has Mother Nature in her best shape, with lots of forests, rivers, lakes, marshes, and mountains.

The second region is called the Svealand, which is located in the center of Sweden and includes cities such as Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

The third part of Sweden is called Götaland, which is found at the southernmost part of the country and  consists of ten Swedish provinces.

Sweden follows a constitutional monarchy type of government, but their king, Carl Gustaf XVI, has no executive power, similar to Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom.

Although most people know how to speak English, the main language used in Sweden is Swedish. There is also a minority of the population that speaks Finnish.

Sweden lists as the 7th country with the highest life expectancy rate, with people living up until 81.

Like most European countries, Sweden has four seasons, so make sure that you know what season it is when you visit.

When visiting the country and you want to bring gadgets, be aware that Sweden uses the European plug type with a voltage and frequency of 230V and 50Hz.

Sweden is also a member of the countries under the Schengen agreement, so depending on your nationality, you might need to secure a Schengen visa before you can set foot in Sweden.

Sweden is a great country to visit for those who want to go on a relaxing European adventure. This is also the perfect place to go to for people who want to experience and enjoy the great outdoors.

A lot of activities can be done in Sweden such as hiking, skiing, canoeing, skating, and cycling. For city hoppers, Sweden also offers activities such as shopping opportunities and nightlife events for those who want to experience the modern side of Sweden.