Italy, in Southern Europe, is a country known for its ancient cities and trendy capitals. You will never, never run out of interesting places to visit when you visit Italy.

First stop, of course, would be Rome, the Eternal City. Milan comes next; this city sparks interest among the fashionistas of the world. Florence nurtures the creative spirit as a city that lives and breathes art. And who can forget Venice, a destination synonymous to romance, with its scenic canals and iconic bridges?

Italy is a country where music, literature, and food combine to form an ode to love and la dolce vita. Indeed, with the amount of cultural treasures found in Italy, the good life manifests itself in every street corner, whether it’s in a warm cup of espresso or a rare artwork hanging from a museum wall.

The official language here is Italian, peppered with a variety of dialects and other languages such as French and German.

A largely Catholic country, Italy is also home to the seat of the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican City. Nonetheless, there are non-Catholics – communities following Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, and Jewish faiths – who live here as well.

Italy covers an area of 301,400 square kilometers and offers the diversity and warmth of its hospitable people. Traveling around the different regions brings vast insights into culinary capitals, medieval enclaves and lost cities.

The currency in Italy is Euro. It is advisable to bring universal adapters for your electronic gadgets. The country uses 220 volts AC and flat two- or three-pin plugs.