Ireland is known for its lush greenery in the country fields, but it is worth exploring not just for its landscapes but also for its decadent culture and intricate history.

The island is bordered by seas on three sides: the Atlantic Ocean in the west, the Celtic Sea in the south, and the Irish Sea in the east. Its landscape features low mountains, plains, and rivers.

The climate of Ireland is oceanic; it is neither too cold nor too hot – but an umbrella is almost always a necessity.

Ireland is famous for having been host to wars dating as early as the 1500s, and for its Norse Viking mythology.

A visit to this place cannot be complete if one does not immerse oneself in Irish culture. Ireland enjoys a strong foothold in food, literature, sports, language, and arts.

The Irish population is pegged at 6.4 million. A majority of the Irish population practice Christianity, Ireland’s largest religious denomination. About 73% of the residents of the island are under the Roman Catholic Church. Muslims, Jews, and Protestants are also some of the other religious denominations present in the country.

The lively Irish spirit is seen and represented in many of Ireland’s festivals, such St. Patrick’s Day, and sports games such as soccer, horse racing, and rugby.

Irish Gaelic or Irish is spoken as the first language of a minority of the Irish people. An integral part of Irish culture, Irish Gaelic is considered as the national and first official language of the Republic of Ireland.

Despite the many different dialects or variations of the Irish language, communication won’t be a problem for future visitors as English is widely used in the area.

When visiting Ireland, make sure you have the necessary plug adaptors and voltage converters. The island’s voltage and frequency are the same as Europe’s (i.e., 230 volts, 50 hertz). The standard plugs accepted by its sockets have three square pins.

Whether visitors choose to enjoy Ireland in local pubs or in concert halls, in the beautiful landscapes of the countryside or at the local eateries, Ireland offers something fresh and new anywhere and everywhere you go.