Located right in the middle of the European continent, with easy access to many neighboring nations, we find a jewel of Europe – Hungary.

Despite its small land area of 35,919 square miles, Hungary is generously blessed with natural wonders of nature, such as lakes, caves, hills, rivers and plains, some of which have made it to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. This is truly a dream destination for nature lovers.

To experience the majestic views around the country, one need not complicate things – a simple walk or bike ride to get you around is all you need.

There is also culture to be found in this country. In Hungary, you will see dramatic and elaborate buildings inspired by late 16th century Baroque architecture, the most striking of which are found just 30 kilometers (19 miles) from the country’s capital of Budapest, in the small town of Godollo.

If you are a music lover, you will feel right at home here, for the Hungarians love music. Concerts and musicals have been part of their daily lives from the time the world-famous Hungarian Franz Lizst enchanted the world with his music.

Budapest, Hungary’s capital, is a relatively cheap site to spend a vacation. The activities to do here, such as dining, shopping, spa treatments, clubbing, and visiting of art galleries and museums, are available at reasonable prices that do not sacrifice the quality of the experience.

One thing’s for sure: a visit to Hungary will be an experience that does not only satiate one’s eyes but fills one’s soul as well.

Remember, though, that to communicate with the locals, you need to be equipped with at least the basics of Hungarian language, as English is not commonly used in this country. The young people may speak it; those over 50 years old do not.

Also, if you carry electronic gadgets, you may need to bring along a plug adapter for Hungarian sockets, which are designed for Euro plugs. You may also need a voltage converter; the electricity in Hungary is supplied at 230 volts.