Possessing an allure that is truly its own, France is an ideal destination that appeals to all types of travelers.

The country serves a hefty serving of leisure spots, from beaches to rustic countrysides, from busy cities to winter retreats. The capital, Paris, enjoys global attention as one of the most creative forerunners in fashion, film, literature and food.

Situated in Western Europe, France has an estimated population of 64 million. French is the official language of the country while German is also used by people living in the eastern provinces, particularly in Alsace-Lorraine and Moselle.

You may also hear Italian and a mix of Spanish dialects in the regions bordering Spain and Italy.

France is a secular country, which allows the French people to worship freely. All religions are given equal treatment. Christianity, however, remains dominant. Judaism, Protestantism and Islam are also widely practiced in the country.

Travelers hoping to discover France need to embark on a slow journey to have a truly indulging experience. It would be unthinkable to spend merely a few seconds looking at the Mona Lisa hanging from the walls of the Louvre museum, because France is meant to be savored – seen, tasted and felt right down to its core.

The country is comprised of regions that each has its own personality traits and cultural character. Plan activity-filled visits to sprawling cosmopolitan cities, culinary retreats in the countryside, or relaxed meanderings in the fabulous resorts along the coastline.

Wherever you choose to go, you will experience a warm welcome from the French people with their exuberant love for life – joie de vivre!

While organizing your travels, it’s best to be aware that electricity in France runs on 220 volts and 50Hz. If you’re coming from North America, you would need continental adaptors to use electricity in France.

Electrical sockets come in three fat prongs with a protruding earth prong. Some older buildings in France may still offer two-pronged sockets.