England is famous for its historical sites and natural beauty. If you’re looking for a great place for a romantic getaway, for celebrating a special occasion, or for exploring historical sites, then England is definitely the place to be!

England is the largest country that makes up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland. It’s also the most populous country in the British Isles and accounts for eighty-four percent of the UK’s population. It has two official flags: St. George’s Cross and the Union Jack, which is the official flag of the UK.

England shares its northern land borders with Scotland and its western borders with Wales. It’s bounded on the east by the North Sea and on the south by the English Channel.

One great advantage of traveling to England is the language. Since English is the country’s official language, you won’t have a hard time communicating with the people. Though they tend to be reserved and shy with strangers, they’re actually very friendly once you get to know them better. Other major languages spoken include Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, and Irish Gaelic.

The official currency of England and the whole of Great Britain is the pound sterling. You won’t have a hard time finding money changers especially in the large cities. Visa and MasterCard are also widely accepted in shops, hotels and other businesses. ATMs are widely available as well.

Phone stations and internet kiosks are available for public use. You can easily make a phone call through coin-operated and card-operated phones.

Most of the public toilets, or restrooms, in the UK, including England, are offered free. However, make sure that you use the term “toilet” or “ladies and gents” since the English don’t use the terms “bathroom” and “restroom.”

If you’re bringing electronic devices, know that the plugs used in England are Type G, which accommodates three rectangular pins arranged in a triangle. All electric sockets have a voltage of 230 to 240. You may want to bring an adapter and a transformer so you can plug in your personal gadgets safely.

The major religions in England include the Church of England, Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim. Needless to say, there are many churches and temples all over the country that you can visit.

Overall, England is truly one of the best places to visit in Europe. So if you haven’t been to England yet, don’t miss the chance to see its breathtaking sceneries and experience its rich culture.